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Orgainvent, leading German specialist for tracking and tracing hosted guests from the smartagrifood-team to discuss a potential technical pilot-development for consumer awareness.


The University of Bonn has published the following publications with regard to SmartAgriFood Project

SmartAgriFood article in Public Service Review

An article about the SmartAgriFood project was published in issue 22 of Public Service Review.
Download a copy of the article here or have a look at page 314-315 of the full digital edition at

Stories for Smart Food Awareness in the Future Internet

In the sub-use case 'Smart Food Awareness' the idea was launched to create several 'stories' that help to get an idea of how Future Internet could influence food awareness.Read the attached documents and learn how different households could use the future internet or how the strategic research agenda of the European Technology Platform 'Food for Life' links up with this with special attention to health aspects.Comments are more than welcome and if you have your own stories, please share them with us!

Press Release

What can the Future Internet provide to the consumers and the food chain members?

2nd European Summit on the Future Internet

SmartAgrifood project was presented during the 2nd European Summit on the Future Internet 6 June 2011


SmartAgriFood is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme under the FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Work Programme