WP100 Use Case Scenario Characterisation

The overall objective of this work package is to provide the foundations and methodologies for WP 200-400 (the specific Use Case Scenarios).

WP200 Smart Farming

The overall aim of this WP is to define the key technical aspects related to smart farming, spanning from the architectural requirements and the specification of the required mechanisms and domain sub-systems to the definition of the pilot system for experimentation.

WP300 Smart Agri-Logistics

The overall objective is  to define a specification for experimentation on smart-logistics in agri-food supply chains.


  •  to identify generic enabler and architectural requirements
  •  to evaluate the extent to what the defined requirements are met with the state of the art technology,building on existing ‘best practices’
  •  to involve specific users and thus start user community building on specific Tracking & Tracing issues
  •  to define the specific need for smart-agri logistics and to develop a roadmap for standardisation activities.

WP400 Smart Food Awareness

The objectives of this work package are:

  • Users community creation for Smart Food Awareness
  • Identification Generic enablers and Platform requirements for Smart Food Awareness
  • Service Architecture definition, creation, deployment and validation cooperating for Smart Food Awareness
  • Use case Harmonisation and coordination activities, including standardisation

WP500 Requests/Feedback for Core Platform and Feasibility Demo

The main objective of this worck package are:

  • Define requirements from SmartAgriFood towards Core Platform
  • Harmonize Core Platform requirements with SmartAgriFood use cases
  • Specify large-scale trial for Core Platform

WP600 Implementation Planning

This work package makes a synthesis of the results from all other activities resulting in a coherent plan that forms the basis for SmartAgriFood large scale experimentation (Phase 2 in the FI-PPP program). This will be achieved by executing the following subtasks.

WP700 User Community Involvement & Dissemination

The general objective of the work package is to ensure an effective dialogue between the food chainmembers representing the “user community” and ICT community representing the “solution providers” fordeveloping such domain specific capabilities and conceptual prototypes which meet the current and futureneeds of the different stakeholders of the food chain with innovative solutions provided by the future internet.This activity includes also making the new knowledge on food chain specific internet based capabilities andconceptual prototypes available to a broad community of potential users fr

SmartAgriFood is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme under the FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Work Programme