WP600 Implementation Planning

WP600 Implementation Planning

This work package makes a synthesis of the results from all other activities resulting in a coherent plan that forms the basis for SmartAgriFood large scale experimentation (Phase 2 in the FI-PPP program). This will be achieved by executing the following subtasks.

  • Task 610 Experimentation Infrastructure Analysis and Specification

First a general specification of a required experimentation infrastructure is derived from the sub use cases (WP200-400). For each sub use case it will be analysed what infrastructure is already available and how this could be extended (e.g. experimentation sites and living labs). If necessary, it will be specified what should still be developed. 

  • Task 620 Standardisation Planning

For each sub use case the standardization needs will be derived and analysed including standardization organisations that are involved. The results will be matched with feedback that comes from the collaboration with the core platform. From this result, a plan for standardisation is developed. 

  • Task 630 Community Building Plan

In interaction with the sub use cases there will be several users involved through the current partners in the consortium and their network. Based on this network a plan is made how this can be consolidated and extended in the next phase. 

  • Task 640 Overall Implementation Plan

From the results from previous tasks an overall plan is developed with special attention to synergy between the different sub use cases so that there is a consistent approach through the whole agri-food supply chain (from farm to fork). This plan is assessed for its feasibility.

SmartAgriFood is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme under the FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Work Programme