To boost the application and use of future internet ICTs in the agri-food sector by:

  • identifying and describing the technical, functional and non-functional FI-specifications for experimentation in smart agri-food production as a whole system and in particular for smart farming, smart agri-logistics and smart food awareness
  • identifying and developing smart agri-food-specific capabilities and conceptual prototypes, demonstrating critical technological solutions including the feasibility to further develop them in large scale experimentation and validation
  • identifying and describing existing experimentation structures and start user community building, resulting in an implementation plan for the next phase


  1. smart farming - is about individual treatment of animals, plants or m2 of land at the right place and right time through sophisticated sensing & monitoring, decision support and precise application to improve efficiency, productivity, quality, flexibility and chain responsiveness
  2. smart agri-logistics - is about intelligent matching demand and sourcing followed by smart transport and logistics of agri-food products by e.g. auto-identification, conditioned transport using sensors and control systems, remotely controlled early warning systems, etc.
  3. smart food awareness - is about enabling the consumer with relevant information e.g. concerning safety, availability, health, environmental protection, animal welfare, etc. using chain information systems

SmartAgriFood is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme under the FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Work Programme